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Please join us! I'd love to reach 1000 friends... I'm pretty sure Giuseppe HAS 1000 fans, but we have a long way to go to get the group to that number. So if you know someone else who loves his cooking, please forward this to them!


Check out our Thursday wine special! Any labeled bottle of wine in the restaurant is only half price shown on the wine list (Dine in only)! This excludes wine by the glass but includes the bottle of chianti on the table, which is already an excellent deal at $15 a bottle. We have some great wines on our list, come in and check it out.


If the economy is still beating you up, I want to remind you that you can eat GREAT food for a budget price on Wednesday at Pinocchio's. Did you know you can get a salad, meat lasagne, and a dish of gelato for only $14.95 (Dine in only, no take out)? How about bruschetta, flounder almondine with pasta, and a piece of pie for only $14.95? or a cup of soup, a plate full of fried calamari, and a creme caramel for dessert, only $14.95?

And every night you can come in for salads and a pizza, and some wine, and still be under $25. Have you tried Giuseppe's pizza? Homemade pizza dough, homemade sauce, and fresh toppings - yum! I like mine "fra diavlo," with red pepper flakes in the sauce for a spicy change. So if your pocketbook is a little light, visit us during the week and fill your stomach with some great Italian food, for less! Feel good about supporting a local business.


Top Ten Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions at Pinocchio's:


10.  Yes, you are in my section!  We all take care of everybody in our dining room, so that you get great service.  On the other hand, we try not to hover.  It is sometimes a delicate balancing act, so if you need something, feel free to wave any one of us down.


9.  Sorry, we no longer offer lunch hours. It's a quality of life issue: Two and a half years of 14 hour days was enough of an "experiment" for Giuseppe, he needs more time in the day! Thank you for patronizing us during the lunch hour in the past... Now, what's for dinner?


8.  Yes, we will close the dining room to the public if you rent out the whole restaurant for your Christmas party or other event (capacity:  48).  To do this on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, the minimum charge is $1500. Sunday through Tuesday nights are less, as we have closed our restaurant to better serve private parties; please call or email Tracy for details.


7.  The freezer has been fixed and the ice maker replaced, thanks for your concerns. However, we no longer carry large wine glasses; they just don't make it through the dishwasher. If you MUST drink your wine from a large glass, feel free to bring your own, we won't be offended.


6. Not only is the Italian in the kitchen "legal," he is now a U.S. citizen, as of July 28, 2010.


5.  The bottle on the table is filled with Chianti wine, not balsamic vinegar.  Yes, you can drink it, and many do.  No, it is not homemade.


4.  Yes, we take reservations.  Leave them on the answering machine or with a dining room staff member (Tracy, Kevin, or Santi).  Please, do not leave your reservations with Giuseppe.  He does not write your name down right no matter how many times you spell it to him.


3.  Our bread IS Italian bread, as it is made daily by the house Italian in the tradition of his family.  If you want crusty bread with a soft white center, well, he doesn't make it that way.


2.  For those of you who state you are from New Jersey and expect REAL Italian food, I have bad news.  My real Italian chef has never been to Jersey.  But give him a try, anyway.


1. Yes, Giuseppe is married - to me! We finally tied the knot on Valentine's Day, 2010.