Hello to my Pinocchio friends:

I moved here from San Diego 5 years ago. One of my favorite meals is Veal Parmesan, and the restaurants we have tried, well,, they just haven't a clue as to what it really is. They think it is a 4" square piece of flattened veal with a piece of square cheese in the center. We found out about your restaurant about 6 months ago and the last visit, I saw Veal Parmesan on the menu. I figured if my two Italian friends can't make it I'll just cry. I ate the whole thing and was it Bitchen, along with your thin crust Pizzas. !!!!!!! We are glad you are feeling better and back on the road again.
Regards from the Avery's.

We cannot lie - Pinocchio's, formerly known as La Dolce Vita, offers the best Italian cuisine in the area. Chef Giuseppe not only expertly prepares the expected pasta, but has created a wonderfully varied menu of seafood, beef and veal dishes using the freshest of herbs and other ingredients. His rosemary potatoes are to die for!

We give a ***** (5 star) rating to Pinocchio's, no lie (yes, our noses are still short!)

James & Kate Morgan

As a hard core regular (and being 100% Italian), I can attest with some degree of expertise that Pinocchio's is the best Italian restaurant in the area.

P.S. Don't tell my Italian mother I said Giuseppe can cook as well as she can. I'm no fool!

Nick Gennett (Giannetti)


I've been to Pinocchio's only three times...because I live in Indianapolis, Indiana!  I've learned it's a great place to eat when I come through on my way to an annual conference.  Giuseppe even saved some Gelato Aceto Balsamico last year when I told him I was on my way!  I've run a gourmet market and have friends who are restaurateurs in Rome, and Giuseppe's creations measure right up there with the best of them.  I have complete confidence that I can order anything on the menu and enjoy it!  I just wish I lived closer so I could attend the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre nights!

Tracey Rollison

Educational Consultant,

Indianapolis, IN

The best restaurant anywhere is Pinocchio's in Spencer. The authentic Italian food, prepared by chef Giuseppe is delicious .The perfectly prepared food bursting with flavor can't be beat. With numerous wines to choose from, delectable homemade desserts (mmmm, gelato!) and an atmosphere that says you, the customer, are an old friend, Pinocchio's is like home. We're there EVERY Friday night!

Stephen Smith and Deirdre Parker Smith



We were in Collodi, Italy, Pinocchio's birthplace. Pinocchio told us that Giuseppe was the best chef ever to come out of Italy. At that point, his nose grew an extra six inches.

Bill and Jane Osborne

Great Meal

I just wanted to say that, once again, the drive back from Charleston, SC, to Spencer to eat at Pinocchio's was well worth it.  Well actually we didn't make the drive for Pinocchio's, but it was a major reason.   In the last month, we have eaten at several "fancy" Italian restaurants in Charleston, several chain Italian restaurants, and many years ago we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at La Cava's.  Pinocchio's is still our hands down favorite.  The atmosphere is such a good blend of casual and "nice" compared to other restaurants, and the food is excellent.  It is one of the only restaurants in the US that reminds me of the atmosphere of restaurants in Europe.  Thanks for the wonderful meal.

Tim Anderson

I was in your restaurant today and had the most wonderful experience. I have several major good allergies and find it very difficult to eat out because of them. Finding a restaurant with a true gluten free menu with a waiter who was tremendously knowledgable about gluten free food and patient enough to explain my options has just meant the world to me. And it's only a few blocks from my house!!! It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't understand how it feels when your choices are so limited in a typical restaurant. Finding a place where I don't have to worry about what I can and can't eat with such amazing choices is priceless. I have never felt so welcome and taken care of as I did today. I could actually eat what I wanted and not have to choose something on the menu because it was the only thing I could eat. A wonderful atmosphere, fantastic food (the gluten free mushroom ravioli is amazing) and just the best service. Thank you thank you thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience and a place I know I have choices!!! Lee Ann, 3/22/2016