Pinocchio's of Spencer

Our Menu


Garlic Knots $2.50
Bruschetta $4.25
Mozzarella Caprese $7.25
Fried Calamari $10.50
Mussels Marinara $10.50
Oysters Casino $10.50
Ravioli (ask for availability) $8.50


House or Caeser(small) $3.50
(large) $4.75
Pinocchio Salad
Romaine Lettuce with fresh mozzarella, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and parmesan cheese.
 with Chicken $12.95
 with Shrimp, $16.50, or Salmon, $17.95

Zuppa del Giorno (Soup of the Day)

Cup: $2.95             Bowl: $3.95

Pizzas, Strombolis, and Calzones
(Build Your Own)

Cheese Pizza 10 Inch:   $6.99 16 Inch:   $9.99
(2 Traditional Toppings)
(2 Traditional Toppings)

Traditional toppings are $1.50 each and include extra cheese, meatballs, green peppers, pepperoni, Italian sausage, basil pesto, black olives, ham, mushrooms, onions, and banana peppers.

Non-Traditional toppings include chicken or anchovies ($4.00 each), or calamata olives ($2.50 each)  

Pinocchio’s Favorites

Add soup or salad for an additional $2.50.

Cheese Baked Ziti* $10.95
Fettucini Alfredo* $9.95
with Chicken $13.95
Vegetable Lasagna* $10.95
Meat Lasagna $12.95
Spaghetti with Meatballs $12.95
Pasta Dello Chef* $11.95
Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, in a pink sauce
Tortellini Alla Kayla
Cheese tortellini in alfredo sauce and ham
Eggplant Parmiggiana* $12.95

*Vegetarian Dishes

Fettucine, Spaghetti, Linguine, Angel Hair, Penne $9.95
Potato Gnocchi, Cheese Tortellini, Whole Wheat Pasta. $11.95
Homemade Ravioli
For specialty raviolis, ask for pricing.
Gluten free pasta also available at 13.95.

Choose Your Sauce!

Marinara, Alfredo, Pink, White Wine, Garlic and Oil, Basil Pesto – Included

Meat, Gorgonzola, and Vodka Sauces – $4.00

Build Your Own Entree

Includes pasta marinara or vegetables; add soup or salad for an additional $2.50. .

Chicken $13.95
Veal $15.95
Filet Mignon             $21.95
Flounder, Grouper, Salmon $17.95
Marsala—Wine sauce with portabello mushrooms
Parmigianna—Breaded, sauteed in oil, smothered in mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.
Piccata—White wine sauce, lemon and capers.
Gorgonzola—Gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms.
Sun-Dried Tomato and White Wine Sauce
Collodi—Artichokes, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes in white wine sauce.



Clams, Calamari—$16.50

Shrimp—$16.50   Served with Linguine and your choice of white wine sauce, marinara, Fra Diavolo (spicy), or Scampi (spicy)